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Is this folly?
April 1, 2014 11:04 AM

Feasible hiking opportunities east of Osgiliath?
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Lord Eddard Stark, is that you? Just follow the King's Road to the Shire.
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The lowlands by the river are teeming with orchids. Be careful, though, there are lots of varieties and some of them have nasty prickers.
posted by alms at 9:33 PM on March 31, 2014

One does not simply walk east of Osgiliath.
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How big is your group? Do you need to accommodate hikers of varying skill level or physical fitness (e.g. small children, elderly)? What's your schedule like? I'd love to help a fellow shop around for hikes but we need more info.
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If I remember correctly, there's a swamp full of less-than-corporeal watery tarts you might want to avoid.

I might be misremembering my geography. Or my fandom. Or both!
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It's pretty much all do-able, but if you have AAA those guys can just swoop in and pick you up when you get stuck and start feeling the heat.
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You'll need to hire a guide. I do not recommend that guy Gollum that lurks around there offering "free" tours. I think he has ulterior motives.

I've heard there's a nice waterfall in the area. With rough camping.
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Be sure to ask local guides about possible oliphaunt sighting opportunities.
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(Nice to hear you're going on another trek! Feel free to use the stuff I was storing in your garage. I think you have my sword, and my bow, and my axe.)
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Might want to try some spelunking while you're there. I've heard there are some amazing caves in the area.
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This depends, at least in part, of how far east you want to go. If you're just think of a day trip, you might want to explore Ephel Dúath a bit. The mountain range is not as barren as its reputation suggest - in fact, local legend has it there's an enormous predator near the top of one of the peaks that preys on native fauna. Its a quaint legend, but you won't really have time to explore it any further during a day trip.

If you have a little more time, I'd encourage you to consider doing the world a favor by traveling north and east in the shadow of the Ered Lithui (you'll have to pass Morannon, but as long as its closed you'll be fine). Map makers have been unclear about what lies east of those mountains and Rhûn. In fact, I realize now that I know almost nothing about Rhûn itself. You have an opportunity to both expand the map of the known world and bring back information about the culture and people of one of our largest neighbors.

I realize this takes you a little bit out of "hiking" and into "exploring," but isn't that the impulse that leads us to hike in the first place?
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The views from Henneth Annun are very pretty, but it's a bitch to find. If you're lucky maybe you'll run into some locals and they'll show you the way. Otherwise it's pretty hopeless.

If you decide to go as far as Cirith Ungol, strong insect repellent is recommended.
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The areas east of Osgiliath have been quite crowded lately. Instead, I would recommend a western trip. Rohan is beautiful this time of the year and if you find the pass of Caradhras open, you could easily reach Rivendell. It's a great hiking route and if you opt for that, ask about rings in Rivendell. It's hard to notice, but there are some real bargains to be found.
posted by ersatz at 7:06 AM on April 2, 2014

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