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Don’t get any on your clothes!
April 1, 2014 11:24 AM

Help us make moonshine to celebrate Independence Day during our stay abroad! Recipes and methods welcome. Difficulty level: can’t leave campsite. We do have access to a stove.
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You'll need to collect allllll the potato rations you can get your hands on, then a basic ferment and distillation. Maybe the guys from the other camp can pitch in some recipes; theirs is guaranteed not to blind anyone.

And don't jostle the stove too, too much. Danny doesn't like the vibrations.
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I was going to strongly recommend against this but, really, everyone's going to die anyway so might as well. And even if you do lose your eyesight there are ways you can mask that if you start practicing.
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The distillation process can take a while, though, so keep yourself busy in the meantime. You got a baseball handy?
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You're going to be a pain in the ass to the rangers at the campsite. You and your friends sound like a bunch of bad apples.
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I'd go searching for 'shrooms instead. Ask any leprechaun you stumble across on the campsite. Good luck!
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