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Am I doing the right thing?
April 1, 2014 2:08 AM

I've recently fallen into a leadership role in a sort of fringe sociopolitical movement, and while it's been in some ways a welcome distraction (it's complicated, my family went through a major move not long ago, and then my father died), I'm worried that I might be getting too caught up in the whole deal? I mean, I really feel like these people have been dealt an unfairly harsh hand in life, and I want to help, but I don't have any previous experience as an activist and I worry shit could get out of hand or something.

I should also disclose that I've been...self-medicating, y'know? It's actually really helped my concentration and clarity, and it's a pretty common thing for the folks I'm working with to ingest so I'm not super worried, but I do wonder if I should be worrying about addiction. I don't know, everybody says it actually makes you live longer, so...

Anyway, it's all sort of overwhelming. I feel like I can do good here, and folks seem like they believe in my leadership, but sometimes when I'm high I have these terrible visions of riots and revolution and—I just don't know. I'm not sure what my purpose in life is supposed to be, I guess. And how much of this is me wanting to help versus just being angry about my dad dying?

Also, not to piggyback but do you have any favorite moisturizers? The climate here is really dry compared to where we moved from, I've been hella chapped lately.
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I've heard drinking the Water of Life does wonders for the mind.

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I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I know this may seem like tough love at a time like this, but fear really is the mind killer. However, if you can overcome your fear and prove to yourself you're not some kind of animal, I think you'll find you can be many places at once.
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Sounds like you have to mix it up a bit, try not to fall into too much of a rhythm...
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Anyway, it's all sort of overwhelming.

It's okay to feel overwhelmed, especially in such a challenging new position. But don't let that overwhelmed feeling bubble up into fear. Fear is the – well, I don't want to overdramatize, so I'll just say "fear is a toughie."
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Check your seals before going outside. If you're losing moisture UR NOT DOING IT RIGHT.
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As I'm sure your dad told you, eventually you will have to try something drastic to find your path. The sleeper must awaken.

Now, the real question is, does he awaken to David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky? I think you'll just have to discover that for yourself.
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Try rubbing your hands with leaves from the creosote bush. Helps keep in the moisture.
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How is the rest of your family coping? I bet it's a really stressful time for them, too, especially your sister. Make sure she doesn't feel ignored around all the adults and help her make some age-appropriate friends.
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In times like this I take solace in the company of a pet. Maybe adopt a pug?
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I know you miss your dad and all, but seriously, don't make a shrine to your father's skull. It's kinda weird and will set things down the wrong path. I think you probably already know this, but it would be good to keep in mind.
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"my family went through a major move not long ago"

I realize I sort of ignored this part of the question originally—my bad. Can you tell us of your homeworld, Usul? Might help us to better understand your situation.
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Paging St. Alia.
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Look to the more humble creatures of this new place for guidance- perhaps you can emulate the little mouse that goes pop-hop?
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Disengage from time to time, you'll be ok. It's kind of gross but ear wax can be used to cover your lips.

(note to myself) Is this why Lawrence keeps falling down all the time? She's practicing her Dune walking? Talks about stillsuit issues on TV...She would have some moisturizing tips I imagine.
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What am I saying Usul420? I'm sure you realize that, "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" ha ha (where you try to sound like a tumbleweed to throw of you know who)

(note to self again) It's the twins that will loom rather large. "Don't drink that coffee" You did what you had to do.
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4/4 6:09 AM here man, I was thinking about your question again.

"The work of art does not surrender, Ortega will say, to the one who goes straight to it, but the one who tries to capture it as Jericho was captured. "In wide circles, our thoughts and emotikons must keep on pressing in on it slowly, sounding in the air, as it were, imaginary trumpets."

Salivation as a literary mechanism...

"Country boys can salive!"

Anyway, I'm confident it will make sense to you. Remember to hook up the spit valves on the weirding modules to your catch pockets.

Well, signing off for now. I'll check back in from time to time.

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give me something to write on, man

hey just a heads up but i'm working on a new super hero idea, except it's a super emotikon thing, superfun...
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