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April 1

An officer and a gentleman

Does anybody know when the regiment is due back to Meryton?
posted by *LydiaLuvs2Party* at 4:34 AM - 8 answers

Some pig, Indeed!

Four Legs good, two legs bad, yeah, yeah. But what about eight legs? Shortly before my mom died, she struck up a deep friendship with a pig (no judging, please), and so I grew up hanging out on a farm with this pig’s large brood. Recently, three of the siblings rose to a position of prominence on the farm. But, other than being asked to come up with short propogandistic slogans every night, I feel my interests, and the interests of my fellow arachnids, are being overlooked. What could I weave on my web tonight to express my sense of being used for a cause I don’t feel represents me at all? Note: the shorter the word or phrase, the better -- I can only shit out so much silk.
posted by silkscream at 3:24 AM - 12 answers