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An officer and a gentleman
April 1, 2014 4:34 AM

Does anybody know when the regiment is due back to Meryton?
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Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
posted by imalaowai at 10:30 PM on March 31, 2014 [1 favorite]

Why bother with Meryton - if he's that wonderful then go straight to London!! I'm sure something will sort itself out. You shameless hussy!
posted by ninazer0 at 10:33 PM on March 31, 2014 [8 favorites]

You should check out Brighton, I hear it's turned into quite the hot spot.
posted by angelchrys at 10:33 PM on March 31, 2014 [1 favorite]

You would do better to try to emulate the proper behaviour of your older sisters, young lady.
posted by jokeefe at 10:42 PM on March 31, 2014

That is a question that a well brought up young lady ought not to ask. Best practice your pianoforte and read some uplifting sermons.
posted by a humble nudibranch at 11:51 PM on March 31, 2014

Look, I'm going to be straight with you. In this day and age, a girl can't afford to wait for her opportunities. Go out and grab them and don't let go. There will be some people who don't think that's ladylike, but look around and you'll see they don't have husbands and aren't doing anything about it.

I say go for it. Dance. Flirt. Giggle wildly. Fling yourself at anything with trousers and an income. Take a chance. Get yourself to anywhere men in uniform gather. Grab at what you want. What could go wrong? Your sisters not at your wedding? Pfaugh. They think they're so superior, but there's a reason why all the boys like you.

So go for it. You'll laugh and laugh when you come home with your prize and must take precedence over all the single losers.
posted by julen at 2:12 AM on April 1, 2014 [7 favorites]

What julen said. I can't believe the hussy-shaming going on in this thread. No matter how much progress MeFi makes toward becoming more flirt-positive, it's still just one big rakezone.
posted by FelliniBlank at 7:14 AM on April 1, 2014 [17 favorites]

I agree, not showing enough ankles. Have you tried telegraph.stop.ankle.stop.don'tstop.stop.ankles.stop?
posted by Jacen at 7:26 AM on April 1, 2014

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