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Sudden Unemployment - Help!
April 1, 2014 4:44 AM

My asshole foreman just fired me. It's a non-union shop, and I don't have any recourse. I've got a baby to feed, and I'm at my wit's end - what now?

It was a horrible place to work, and I can't say I'll miss the office politics. But my kid has medical bills, and there's just not much work in this town other than the factory. Maybe there's a small business I could set up - crafts, or services, or something? I need cash fast, and I don't have a thing to my name except my teeth.

Anything will help. Thanks, Metafilter!
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check your MeMail
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I know a lot of people have been selling their hair lately, to get by. I'm not saying I recommend it, but if you do go down that path don't get ripped off! Don't just accept the first offer you get, it's really a sellers market right now.
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You don't mention your babydaddy, so I'm guessing he's not in the picture or contributing to the household? Maybe you could appeal your dismissal to the upper management or, I don't know, a local government representative. Surely he'd want a lovely lady like you to be less miserable. Tough situation -- but on the upside, at least you've got your health.
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Your boss probably isn't such a bad guy, but he's got appearances to maintain. He couldn't've gotten where he is without having problems of his own. Try talking to him. If he sees any of himself in you (morally, I mean), he might do you a solid; perhaps a loan of some silver.
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Don't worry, you're still young and have your health and looks. I'm sure you'll find something eventually. Keep dreaming the dream.
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Oh good grief, I hope you're joking about your teeth being the only thing you have of value. Look, they're too valuable, it's not like they grow back. Aesthetically, you'll be risking even greater social stigma for ever getting another job. Health-wise, you'll not only have trouble with nutrition in the long-term, but you can also wind up dead of a heart attack if you get an infection from the extractions.

First of all, swallow your pride and start appealing to anyone in a position of authority who could get you some recourse with your job situation. Secondly, sell anything but your teeth. What about your hair? (At least it grows back.) It sounds like nothing is keeping you in this particular town -- why not just raise enough cash to get the heck out and move along to another factory town where you'll at least have the advantage of being the new girl in town?

Or, I know this sounds harsh, but what about entering a convent if you're religious? You might be surprised by how many women do this these days. (But only do this if the church can find a decent family nearby to adopt the kiddo rather than sending him/her to an orphanage.)
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