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April 1

Would he like me to?

I think I'm attracted to my husband's business partner's son. Should I try to seduce him?
posted by TheMrsR at 10:44 AM - 16 answers

Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum, et cetera, et cetera... Memo bis pun

I won a contest today, and frankly, I think I’m in over my head. The prize? Full ownership of a confectionary corporation, along with their factory, and other headaches. I know YANAL or ML, but maybe you’ve had a similar experience or taken on cases like this; before I do drop big bucks on a lawyer, I need advice about a few things. [more inside]
posted by Charles Buck &c. at 10:04 AM - 14 answers

Big dinner, last night in town

I've got this huge dinner with a dozen friends coming up that I can't get out of. It's my last night in town, and I'm not on the best of terms with some of the guys showing up but I hope it goes well. What's a good app I can download to split the check fairly? I'm on iOS.
posted by Hay-seuss at 8:34 AM - 20 answers

Worth leaving tech megaculture for multimedia One-Point-Oh?

My friend has this idea for a computer game but I'm not sure there's a market for it. It's like a virtual construction box where you can build anything you want with 3D bricks, sort of like Legos. Should I leave my job at a major software company to pursue its development? It'll run on IBM or Mac platforms with CD-ROM drives.
posted by kraftsinglessindmeinekraft at 7:14 AM - 9 answers

this bread and milk routine is getting old

I overslept for work, and my boss was pissed! He showed up at my door asking where I was, but when he saw my appearance, he bolted. I'm afraid I've lost my job; my family's concerned because I can't provide for them -- but at the same time, they've boarded me up in my room. They're considering subletting out some space to make up for my lost income, but that means my bedroom becomes storage space for their crap. I'm literally crawling up the walls. How do I get my family to accept me as I am and return back into their lives?
posted by GregNogSamsa at 7:04 AM - 12 answers

Sudden Unemployment - Help!

My asshole foreman just fired me. It's a non-union shop, and I don't have any recourse. I've got a baby to feed, and I'm at my wit's end - what now? [more inside]
posted by tigerbait at 4:44 AM - 6 answers

Hiring elderly employees for baking startup?

I'm considering going into business as an artisanal confectioner. I've got a great cookie recipe, but I want to delegate baking so I can expand the biz beyond what I can produce by myself. For branding purposes I think it'd be great to hire elderly women to do the baking—give the whole thing a classic down-home "grandma" appeal—but I don't know if (a) there's any ethical issues there or (b) if I need to worry about them e.g. unionizing. Any advice? Because I feel like this idea could really click.
posted by Mr Cursor at 1:58 AM - 8 answers