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So soft
April 1, 2014 8:44 AM

My boss's son has a pretty wife who likes me -- a lot. However, when I stroked her pretty soft hair (she specifically asked me to!), she objected, and now she's become cold and unresponsive toward me. My co-workers are angry about this, too. I didn't realize workplace romances could be so messy. I've left work, and I'm headed to where I usually meet my best friend, I'm hoping he can help me sort out my feelings -- he usually knows just what to say. Until then, though, what are some ways I can cope?
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Hoo boy. Even the best-laid plans, huh? Though I don't know how well-laid this particular scheme of yours was. Workplace romances are always a risk, but you seriously pursued a married woman? And your boss's wife, no less? I hate to be judgey, and I know comments like this usually get deleted, but you don't sound very bright.
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Listen, we all like to stroke soft and pretty things, but it isn't always smart to do so: soft things can be fragile, and soft things can turn harsh. You've just found that out. I'm sure you didn't mean any harm, but intent isn't all that matters. Actions matter.

It seems like you might not be the best judge of your own actions. You're going to meet your best friend, which is a great first step. Put your faith in him and ask him for advice. I'm sure he wouldn't steer you wrong. You've got him to look after you, and he's got you to look after him.

(And don't listen to anyone who tells you you're not smart; that's uncalled for and specifically against AskMe's guidelines. Normally I'd flag it and move on, but in this one case, I want to say: you needn't take that to heart. A guy don't need no sense to be a nice fella. Seems to me sometimes it just works the other way around. Take a real smart guy and he ain't hardly ever a nice fella.)
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Forget your best friend. Get on a train and over the state line as soon as possible. When you come to a town, buy a stuffed animal. When you want to pet something soft, pet the stuffed animal. Don't pet anymore people, okay?
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Stuffed animal's not a bad idea. You can hug it and squeeze it and name it George!
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Things are dark now, but you have to remember that there are good things ahead. Picture a future project that gives you hope and will give you a sense of pleasure and accomplishment. Imagine how nice it will be when you accomplish those goals. Tell you friend all about them; I guarantee he'll be eager to listen.
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