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April 1

Nice puppy, gooood puppy...

I'm afraid of my neighbor's huge St. Bernard, which they left unleashed while they went on vacation. I'm writing now from inside my car, where I'm trapped with my son -- if we leave the car, I'm afraid the dog will attack us. It's getting hot. Is there something in the car I can use as a diversion or a weapon? Am I afraid for nothing? We're in Maine.
posted by DonnaT at 9:04 AM - 13 answers

So soft

My boss's son has a pretty wife who likes me -- a lot. However, when I stroked her pretty soft hair (she specifically asked me to!), she objected, and now she's become cold and unresponsive toward me. My co-workers are angry about this, too. I didn't realize workplace romances could be so messy. I've left work, and I'm headed to where I usually meet my best friend, I'm hoping he can help me sort out my feelings -- he usually knows just what to say. Until then, though, what are some ways I can cope?
posted by TheRabbitDied at 8:44 AM - 5 answers

till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken

One of my sled dogs is very sick and I'm afraid I have no choice but to put her down. How can I cope with this loss? It's my dog Naanak. She's sick and in very bad pain. There's nothing I can do but sacrifice her. Yes, I know it's normal. She's a very old dog. But I can't give up on her. I can't say goodbye. I love that dog so much. (I radioed for advice but it wasn't of much help.)
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Train my birdbrain

I seem to have attracted a stray mynah bird or a large crow. In spite of my trying to shoo it away, it stays put, so I guess I now have a bird. Problem is, it will only say one word, and it’s depressing cause that particular word reminds me of my ex, and the bird says it over, and over, and over. Can someone suggest a book or recording on how to train talking birds to increase their working vocabulary?
posted by E Rom Reven at 3:34 AM - 14 answers