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Can a misfit ever shape up?
April 1, 2014 12:01 PM

I have trouble fitting in at work. Most of my coworkers seem to be a bunch of squares who follow the company line to a T. Everyone here certainly seems to have a very two-dimensional view of the world. But work is just piling up faster and faster and I'm starting to think I'm just not made for this job. Each day is an endless puzzle. I just can't seem to connect with others, like no matter how much I twist and turn there's always a gap left between. I feel like I'm falling. Help!

If it matters, there's this annoying looped Russian folk music being piped in non-stop, I think it speeds up when it gets super busy?
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Take a deep breath. Just relax, you're doing fine; everybody has to start by learning to play the game.

Look for what others are missing, and position yourself to fill those voids. A little experience is the key -- before long, you'll be getting things lined up easily and it will seem like your troubles are disappearing before your eyes.
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You'll do fine if you just continue to play the game, boy.
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See if you can find out beforehand what the next piece of work will be (like maybe set up an alert somewhere on the corner of your desktop)... I also find sometimes it helps to not pile my work onto the middle of my desk, but on the sides, so I can use the center of the desk to work on getting the most immediate projects cleared. The work on the sides will come down eventually this way. I usually end up in good enough shape.
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Sounds like you need a whole new career path. Go join the Coast Guard and rescue people for a living.
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One thing I've found useful in this sort of situation is to just look for isolated holes in my workflow that I can deal with one at a time. Make a list, and then just block out one issue at a time, working your way down.
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Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed, I find it helps to look at things from a different perspective. I'd recommend a change in perspective of 90, 180 or 270 degrees; give them each a try, see if anything fits.
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Maybe you need a vacation, comrade.
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Don't give up hope, and take a look around. Even though it feels like you've hit rock bottom there is nearly always time to make a shift into another position if you remain quick on your feet. Think laterally.
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Music can help ease stress on the job. Slow-paced music can relax you; you might find a quick tempo will motivate you or it could just increase the pressure, YMMV.
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It sounds like you have depression and could benefit from some medication. See a doctor ASAP. I'm memailing you my doc's contact info; his name's Mario and he could help you with a fresh start.
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Don't do what my friend did in a similar situation. He took to eating pills – until he started to see ghosts.
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Take 2 Tetracycline and call me in the morning.

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if at all possible, avoid the hovercraft. damn thing is full of eels.
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