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time sensitive panserbjørne dilemma
April 1, 2014 5:24 AM

Need good protective gear for upcoming competition. Difficulty: must ship to Svalbard. I have Amazon Prime.
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The best armorers don't use Amazon and they usually want you to pick up in person so they can do final measurements/hammer outs with you right there. Some of them might alter from stock though if you can get someone to pick up for you and then do the transport. Do you know anyone with a hot air balloon or any witches? The witches would be especially good because the daemon could fly messages back and forth with measurements, etc.
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You might just want to go on the offense, see if you can take out your opponent before you'll need good armor. Do you have access to flamethrowers?
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Wait, I remember your previous questions - what happened to your old gear? Can you get a friend to help you find it?
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Yeah I think trying to find something locally is going to be a better bet than shipping. Real bears don't get stuff shipped, anyway. Are you a real panserbjørne or some kind of human wannabe, anyway?
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I'm going to have to jaw you a bit for not having a good set of armor already, but just get a few quality pieces of thick iron instead of a thinner suit with more coverage. Don't waste money on stuff like gilding, this is utilitarian equipment, not a fashion show.
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